The use of organic pear juice

Organic fruit juices are juices extracted from clean fruits, which are naturally grown, fertilized with natural fertilizers rather than any chemical plant protection agent. Natural fertilizers are obtained from animal dung, or mixed with rotten herbs. Pest control by natural enemies or other biological measures. Because of not using any chemicals, this fruit is very good for human health.

In addition to the benefits of no chemicals, no harmful artificial fertilizers, organic fruits are evaluated as having a higher nutrient content than fruits cultivated by conventional farming.

According to a Washington State University study on April 19, 2001, organic apples are firmer and contain more natural glucose than chemical fertilized ones. A study published in the Journal of Applied Nuitrition, 1993, found that apples, pears and potatoes have twice more nutrient than chemically cultivated fruits. And a study released in Germany also said organic fruits have less nitrate (a substance that can cause stomach cancer in humans) than normal fruits…

A study found that apples, pears and potatoes have twice more nutrient than chemically cultivated fruits

Thanks to the wonderful effect of organic fruit, the juice from organic fruit is also good for health. Organic juices often have very low levels of sugar, except for which is originally available in organic foods.

In addition, organic juice usually does not contain coloring (which can cause cancer in humans) only natural color of fruit.

Organic juices usually do not contain artificial colorings

Contains no toxic chemicals during cultivation nor colorings in the production process. Nowadays organic juice is being widely used by many people thanks to its superior advantages that can protect users and prevent them from some diseases.

Because of above reasons Eurotas advise you to use organic fruit juices instead of regular ones to protect you and your family.


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